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Engraved Initial Tag Necklace
Sale priceFrom $400.00
Diamond Initial Necklace
Sale price$850.00
Love Lock with Diamond Edge
Sale priceFrom $800.00
SRJ X ZM Enamel Band
Sale price$1,125.00

2 colors available

Large Pierced Diamond Huggie
Sale priceFrom $700.00
Ripple Disk Necklace
Sale price$580.00
SRJ x KJH Suspended Pearl Hoops
Sale priceFrom $375.00
Rounded Chain Link Bracelet
Sale price$1,300.00
Beaded Emerald Cut Bracelet
Sale price$890.00
Ripple Hoops
Sale price$500.00
SRJ x KJH Snug Pearl Huggies
Sale priceFrom $375.00
Golden Disc Chain Bracelet
Sale price$440.00
Stacked Diamond Bracelet
Sale price$530.00
SRJ X Jaime King Large Round Pendant
Sale priceFrom $2,000.00
Solid Script Pendant
Sale price$790.00