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Triple Marquise Huggies
Sale priceFrom $395.00
Twin Marquise Pendant
Sale price$860.00
Marquise Thorn Studs
Sale priceFrom $210.00
Beaded Marquise Bracelet
Sale price$890.00
Marquise Studs
Sale price$890.00
Pave Marquise Sway Band
Sale price$870.00
Beaded Marquise Ring
Sale price$560.00
Marquise Ring with Pave Band
Sale price$720.00
Marquise Necklace
Sale price$820.00
Duet Marquise Bracelet
Sale price$1,450.00
Marquise V Necklace
Sale price$580.00
Pave Marquise Sway Hoops
Sale price$1,360.00
Marquise Sway Hoops
Sale price$950.00
Marquise Ring
Sale price$550.00
Open Pave Marquise Band
Sale price$920.00
Solo Marquise Engagement Ring
Sale price$2,600.00
Duet Marquise Pendant
Sale price$1,680.00